Is life what happens to us while we are busy making other plans? I first heard this John Lennon saying when I was 15. And you know 15 year olds, they don’t really stop and stare think for awhile. In a world that tells you everything is easy I still ask myself who on Earth finds joy in one-piece puzzles.

Yesterday evening I had a mindblowing, thought-revolution, every other pompous saying that is summarized in „my brain hurt is a good way”, experience. Have you heard of The Zero Theorem? Well, this jewel of a futuristic eye-opener film (with Matt Damon kicking ass in a secondary role) left me with a bucket-full of questions that will probably keep me up for the next week.

I am not going to tell you more about it (only that I think you should watch it), but I can’t help but ask you: when waiting for the meaning of life aren’t we just living a meaningless life?

Aaaaand, extra-points: guess where was this movie filmed? Yep, right here in Bucharest, in the MediaPro studios

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