In the age of high-tech, nobody will buy the „my dog ate my homework” excuse. Well, Dioda is not a paper gourmand, but he does enjoy technology and, for the past few days, I noticed the fact that he started sleeping on my laptop. I like to think of him as an intellectual dog (although the truth is he only likes the warmth of the Toshiba monster). I bet that, when I am not at home and I cannot spy on him he reads classic literature and economy papers.

I had dogs for almost all my life. All of them smart, all of them interested in things other than the ones K9s should develop an interest in.

A few years ago, while studying for  a physics competitions, I left one of my books on a night stand. My dear german-sheppard (Luna), devoured it page by page, and not in a good way. A few days after that she got her muzzle in my big book case and made a cool collage of my favourite book at that time (I don’t know how she targeted it).

The conclusion? The animals around me have that sense of curiosity and the need to „taste” new culture. Well, I can tell them that: as long as you still let me read Seth Godin‘s blog every now and then, I’m ok with you writing on my blog and posting on Facebook. 

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