The Lemon Theory

What shall we do when we are handed a bucket full of lemons? Clasic theory  says that we should make lemonade. Neoclasic theory says that we should find someone who received a bottle of tequilla from life and make the best out of it. images (1)

Everybody has a way of dealing with their lemons. But when you offer to take those lemons away, to make a day less sour, you mostly find yourself in a state of constant ‘no’s.

Why? Well, people’s greatest fear is that things will change. That one day we will finish highschool and have to move away from our home town. That we will get our dream job and have to relocate. That one day a person will come into our life and change everything about it.

Lemons, be they as sour as they are, represent a part of our habits. We develop a form of Stockholm syndrome towards the sour taste in our mouths. Or we find a way to live our lives with our pockets filled with lemons and forget how it is to go our with nothing on us other than our phones, keys and wallets.

So that’s my theory: when given lemons we will hoard them and treat them as our own personal assets. As it is true that no life is like another, stories might resemble and, even if they don’t, you might find an important lesson in other persons’ history. That’s the key to learning and growing – constantly making connections between all that surround us and letting go of things that don’t let us evolve.

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