Jesus, take the(ir) wheel

Being a pedestrian is usually difficult. Being a pedestrian in Bucharest is nerve-wracking. Let me just paint a quick picture:

8 pm. Chitila „Rue” full of cars. Me, waiting for the light to turn green. When all of a sudden a wild taxi driver appears, hits the breaks and starts yelling and swearing at me for not crossing the street. Ignore the red light, ok. But how can I ignore the other cars that were still passing by at high speed? So of course I pointed at the semaphore showing him the bloody color and received another shower of profanities. At least I went home to a full fridge.

So yeah, if you want an wild adventure filled with adrenaline, I dare you to leave your car in the driveway and walk a little bit. Maybe try and cross a street. Bungee-jumping is a child play compared to this.

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