In the past years I managed to lose my faith in humanity. Good quality people are an exception and thank God I have a lot of them around me. But, as a general observation, people tend to let me with a sour taste in my mouth every day. 

Here’s where the lesson comes from:

Yesterday I was taking the subway from Victoria Square. On the escalator I managed to drop a RON on the stairs and, because it was really crowded, I wasn’t able to pick it up. So I just dropped the idea, got sad because losing money is never a happy thing, no mather the sum, and tried to catch the next train.

While I was waiting on the platform I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned only to see a 40 to 50 year old lady, just a little shorter than me, with a big bright smile with my RON in her hand: „You dropped it, miss! I wanted to give it back to you, we all need small gestures in our lives!”

I thanked her and stood there amazed. She disappeared in the crowd, but left me with a million thoughts in my head. When I got home I started feeling bad. Because, in my constant grumpiness, I forget that good people are everywhere, scattered around all the jackasses that make us lose trust. I am not saying we should take this to the extreme and believe in fairytales. But small gestures do count and they do make our days better and most of the times these things come from where we never expect them to.

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