Yes, this is how many days have pasted since we last saw the sun here in Bucharest. And when I woke up this morning and saw a cloud-free sky, as blue as it can get, I wanted to yell from the bottom of my lungs: Habemus sun!

Talking about weird things that happen but cannot be explained, a few nights ago I had a dream. I’m not gonna go into details, enough people have laughed about it anyway. But when interpreting it I got one thing: find the asian thinker that became himself. Which, you know, is definitely Buddha.

So I read some of his quotes and had a pleasant surprise. I found answers to my daily questions in most of them. But one of them stayed with me.

Three things cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. The sun came up today. I am waiting for the next full moon and after that…who knows. Hopefully the world.

PS: When asked “Do you believe there is one God or more?” why do people think “Yes / No / Maybe” are grammatically appropriate answers? Just a passing thought, ignore it.

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