There’s no point in telling you I am a pretty techy gal. Even though computers are still a great enigma for me, I do appreciate the way they change our life for the best. The laptop I’m currently using is made to work as a rocket when talking about the internet and all the tools you can use to make your experience better. I am addicted to shortcuts to upgrades, if I might say so.

If about two weeks ago I started using Moz and WooRank for every single site I go through, yesterday I discovered a pretty badass online tool in terms of simple graphic desing. Canva is so user friendly that you will not even feel like you are doing something…anything / everything. It comes with a great load of free features (and the ones that are not free cost $1 / piece). So yeah, it’s a pretty good deal for a blogger tired of Photoshop. You don’t have as many options, but who needs them when you can keep everything nice and simple?YES

Based on a drag and drop principle, Canva let’s you customize already made elements. From collors to fonts, layout and all kind of backgrounds, it’s easy to go visual without the help of a professional. And the best part? You know how  you always had to Google standard dimensions for your work? Canva has plenty of as given paterns to help you with that. And you can actually upload your work on their platform and give other people the chance of using some of the elements you create.

Go through it and tell me what you think:)

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