I usually never check my Yahoo! Mail. It has some accounts made on it, but that’s it. I needed in last week so I can set up my ToateBlogurile and BlogLovin’ platforms (see my little widgets in the sidebar<3) and I forgot it open on my phone. Yes, the notifications drove me crazy but lazy as I am I just let things be.

„Oh my God, another e-mail from the Prince of Zanzibar?!” I thought when I heard the horrible bling. No, no, my dears, it was a nice e-mail from 8tracks, who have been my best friends in terms of music for the past two years or so. Here’s a reading of it:

Hi cristinaioan,

You can do this.

Whether you’re finishing your finals, doing your holiday shopping, or, for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, figuring out which beach party you’re going to go to (which we’re not at all bitter about), we believe in you. Soon you’ll be sitting pretty enjoying a much-needed vacation. Here are some playlists to help get you there.


We have a feeling you might want to listen to some classical & singer-songwriter playlists. Not that we’ve been spying on you or anything.


Well, guys, yes, I do want that. And also a little bit more jazz and acoustic indie would be welcomed, to tell you the truth. I hope you will see this.


Leaving this aside, the e-mail reminded me why I absolutely love their platform and I thought I should share this with you. (it’s not like I am jumping at every reason to write some more)


Firstly, they really take care of every single user they have. I never once had a bad playlist in newsfeed. They remember all your preferences and stick to them, without trying to convince you to listen to trending or popular mixes. They get that every single one of us love different things in music and I do appreciate that (YouTube, sit, boy! If I get another diaper commercial from you we’re gonna get into a fight).


It’s easy to use and comes in handy in a mobile version (which still has some bugs – sorry, guys!). And, what I love most, it’s working as social media platform as well. You can interact with other users, like their playlists and even individual songs they uploaded. It’s like a warm, cozy internet highschool gang giving each other Secret Santa gifts.


Not to leave you empty handed, here are some of my favorite all time playlists:


And of course, best wishes for Christmas, how can I forget? Here’s a little card I made for you (using Canva):

Merry Christmas

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