There are 2015 minutes left until we say good-bye to 2014. It is not mandatory, but I do feel the need to put down a list of things I want to accomplish in the year to come. A list that, above all, is not there to make me feel bad at the end of 2015, but rather to keep me hopeful, cheerful and happy.

Here we go:

  • Read more, watch more good movies
  • Live more, worry less
  • Learn to say „no” when needed
  • Write more
  • Dream on, dreamer
  • Travel more
  • Take a hike – literally
  • Discover new places
  • Love to learn and learn to love
  • Wander – never stop wandering
  • Go to the seaside
  • Be happy, be joyful, be yourself
  • Make lists of everything that passes through your mind
  • Learn to write down things
  • Enjoy winter and love summer
  • Listen to all good music you can get your ears on
  • Enjoy solitude
  • When you can don’t take the sub, take a walk
  • Open your eyes and allow yourself to be mesmerized
  • Stand for what you believe in
  • Stop playing „My little Pony” on your laptop
  • Make it count, for the love of God!


3 gânduri despre „2015 minutes left

    1. Thank you!

      75% percent of all my days are spent in an English speaking environment, I feel the language differently and I love the word plays that are possible in English. For me it is just natural to write, speak, and basically live the English language. So blogging like this was basically a normal step for me.

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