After he saw Gone Girl, a friend of mine asked me to hide him in a bunker if his girlfriend ever dissapeared. After I saw that movie I concluded that I would hide in a bunker as well, if I were missing. I know my logic does not sound well at this time of the night day, but do trust me: watch the movie and we’ll be on the same page.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about when I started this post and I am not sure I found the answer still yet. Starting from the movie I told you about (I hope you would at least click the link I provided and read the IMDB description – if not, I have one final thing to add: Neil Patrick Harris plays in it, just so you know),  I think today’s topic should be the lenght human mind can go to when trying to cure boredom.

The funny thing is, boredom never comes from being alone. I could sit all by myself all day long and just let my mind go on an on about every possible subject. No, boredom is one of the concepts we are are taught by society and the name we give to that moment when chemistry between us and other people plunges to the ground. Because it happens, we cannot be on the same page with everybody around us all the time.

That’s how I would translate the movie: a lack of common ground between a woman and her spouse that led her mental issues to take the steering wheel in regard to her actions. Instead of trying to find a way to save what can be saved she decides to go all Dexter on everybody. Do you know that joke about the old couple asked why did their marriage last inspite of all the divorces around them? Well, they said that in their time they were taught that, if there’s a problem with a lightbulb they should change it, not sell the house. Amy Dunne did none of that. Oh, no, she burned the whole damn house just to get some light for her makeup.

But I do tend to search for more than meets the eyes in movies and lose the real meaning.

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