„You won’t be able to do that!” 

Yeah?! Well…watch me!

How many times have we did this? And by this, I mean taking by a challenge just to prove somebody wrong. I, for an instance, do that on a regular basis.

You will never get into your desired college! – Did it and did it with class, I was the first on the list, taking into account exam grades.

You cannot manange school and work! – Are you sure? Kinda doing it already.

You will never stick to your blog! – Come at me, bro!

Whereas it is true that I do neglect my writing habbits from time to time (this is so silly, neglecting a habbit), I do try and blog every week. I wish I could do it every day – damn it, I try doing it every day, I have my draft drawer full of posts that will never see the light in your eyes. So what’s the problem, why can’t I stick to my own challenge?

Well, first of all, we live in a world of competition. I am not afraid of it, but I do not like the taste of failure. How can I be happy with what I do when I am not the best at it? Blogging does bring me joy, but it would be a lie not to tell you that I am somwhat driven forward by my stats. If you have a blog and don’t care about your figures…then why don’t you just keep a diary or have a file of your work tucked away in your computer.

Secondly, there is a saying – the customer is always right. Being a marketing enthusiast means that I try to apply all that I learn in the things that I do, including this. And marketing is no other thing than the way you manage relations with your customers, isn’t it? I can’t always say the right things or give you the right energy. So many things happen around me that I cannot say that I am myself most of the time. Would writing in those states be considered a lie? Going back to the idea of relations between me and you, the ones that read me (every day, seldomly, or only once), if I lie than you don’t have the incentive to be truthful to neither of us (me nor you). So the experience is wasted.

The internet is full of challenges – blogging, writing, reading, music posting, you name it. But when you do something only because you have a deadline to respect or because it is written in a list…well, the fun kind off dissapears. And so does the main goal of sharing, the idea of interconnectivity. I refuse to relate to something I don’t feel and you probably don’t feel.

If you feel the need to be challenged take upon you this: every day, every single day from now on, do something that you really want to. Write, drive, read, drink Pepsi, just for the sake of it do something that makes you happy. That’s a challenge all of us should undertake. 

2 gânduri despre „Challenge…taken into account

    1. Yes, I agree with this. But sometimes, even a challenge from yourself may not come at the right time. It all depends on your state of spirit. I am not saying that competing with others is what drives me forward, but simply that one needs to choose its challenges, be they launched by whomever, in order to maintain a steady and sustainable self growth. And that most of all we should challengr ourselves to be the better person.

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