Yesterday I saw what may be, in my opinion, the best film of 2014. No, I am not a Guardians of the Galaxy type of girl. Yes, I do like fantasy movies and superhero movies and sci-fi movies and so on, but not the ones that you would think of. 

It seems as if the biggest conflict human kind has ever saw is that between spirituality and science. In my opinion the two complete each other and should not be viewed as „enemies”. But that’s just the kid in my talking, the one that discovered the power of faith in a tiny mosque in Spain.

When taken at a macro level, this eternal „conflict” may lose some of its meaning. It loses all, in my opinion. No. Let’s take it one man at a time. You, dear reader, who so strongly beliefs in the wanders of modern world science, wouldn’t your world be shaken from the ground when evidence of spiritual matter comes to you face? If the answer is yes (and even if it isn’t), here are my last words on this topic:

I Origins is a must watch, but that’s an understatement. Don’t just watch it, let it flow through you and start questioning. What better advice can I give you?

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