108K going.

What do you think when you see that on your Facebook Newsfeed? Well, it better be one hell of an event. One click showed me it is not. 

People never learn from anything- not from the viral two years ago in the Netherlands, not from Project X.

Yesterday two „teens” from Constanta became instant celebrieties when they „accidentally” made their birthdays public events. I say accidentally because, curious cat as I am, I saw that they actually interacted with the people that were trolling the event.

Of course, everybody jokes about this. Some online publications covered the event, but nobody wrote about it in a more civilized manner. Like, you know, trying to figure out how in the name of God two kids clearly under 16 did this and their parents didn’t know.

I wrote yesterday on Facebook that this is just the proof that some parents nowadays forget their children in front of the PC just like you would forget your dirty socks on the floor. It’s easier to do so. But that is the biggest mistake a person can make.

If you don’t give your child attention…guess what, somebody will. And most of the time these are not happy-ending stories.

And another thing, which is going to sound not ok to most of the readers here: do you know what kids that don’t get enough attention turn into? Attention whores. Pardon my french.

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