I just finished reading an article another blogger published no long ago: 5 ways an “Instagram-Obession” destroyed our appreciation for travel. I salute that and I have some things to add. 

Not only Instagram and not only our appreciation for travel are part of this equation. The truth is that the constant flod of unnecessary social media activity we all undertake in our daily lives ruins…well, life itself.

We post everything we do. We check-in in boeme coffee places or luxurious restaurants just so people know we afford. We check our newsfeed more often than we check our lipstick and we lose more hours on the internet than we do reading real books (they do exist, you know?!).

In this freenzy we forget to live the moment. „Woow, this concert is so great, I should take a photo instead of singing along / enjoying the atmosphere / etc. ” We do not do it on purpose, but this giant social vacuum has captured us all.

Here are 5 pieces of advice I would give to social media fanatic (as I were):

1. Put your phone down. There are better things to look at rather than the ones our blue light digital screen offer us.

2. Take time to actually live your experiences. Wow, you saw something great! Don’t write about it in the spur of the moment but let your brain assimilate all the information in order to make the best possible story out of it.

3. Wait, analyze, then check-in. Check-ins are basically a thumbs-up for a place. Don’t check-in before you truly see what happens there, before you are actually sure you want to promote that place. And more than that: don’t check-in just to be sure people see where you hang out. Because, to put it frankly, most people don’t care about these things.

4. Social media does not make you popular. Only posting „smart” things does not draw attention to you. Or, to put it better, it does not bring the right kind of attention to you. I have loads of messages telling me how great I write and how meaningful my posts are for some people (and of course, many others telling me what a b****h I am). Likes don’t bring you happiness. People actually patting you on the back and telling you how you inspire them does. Trust me, I live it more and more often these days and there are few things better than this.

5. Make the best out of every second. This means to have your accomplishements out (not on) line. The internet is a never growing mirrage and we tend to get sucked by it. Not taking into account a hand full of people that actually made Social Media what it is today, few people managed to create authentic images solely relying on Social Media. Go out, do things, I don’t know… Learn. Laugh. Live!

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