We all meet it and we all fear it. Stress is something that comes along with us throughout the day and sometimes it’s just to hard to chase it away. School, job, friends, family – all of these bring along certain levels pressure. Even though we don’t always realize. 

I’m now facing finals after a semester that speeded up way to fast for my taste. And, above all, I am starting to see the real face of some of my friends and, of course, I end up asking myself: how did I manage keep my brain intact?

If you don’t have what I like to call the happy blue pill close enough (no, not Viagra, guys, valerian chill mix), the next best thing is ginger jam. It has many interesting properties, most of them related to a balanced organism.

I like to try and disconnect myself from all that surrounds us. A good book or your favorite music can do that and, oh, the joys of technology, you can have one of your „you” moments on the subway or while enjoying a coffee (does this sound as bad as I think it sounds?)

Some years ago I found this awesome poem about learning to enjoy solitude. It is an art, I have to admit, but the truth is that alone we are never bored. So why not turn this into a way of recovering from a bad day or period?

Another thing that helps me manage all the feelings and thoughts that swirl around me is writing. And by writing I do not mean blogging. Yes, this is cool, but it is not enough. I am sure you don’t want to read all that I think about. Or how many times a day I feel the need to throw things around. No. I have a small notebook that for the past weeks became my best friend. It knows my worries and my joys better than anyone else. And the fun part is that I get to re-read. It’s like watching an old movie and getting the chance to analyze it. Why did I wrote that? Well, that’s how I felt…so I have some issues to resolve here and there. This gives me a clear map of what I need to do in order to evolve as a human being. And, of course, as a writer, because constant exercise brings me closer to my dream of actually writing stories worth a breath.

When I feel way to stressed I hug my dog. From the outside he looks like this really mean puppy, but he is a fluffy bundle of joy. The fact that he is a calm and balanced dog helps me clear my head and really have a grasp on what I have to do next.

The most important thing and I would underline it if I weren’t so lazy: get out of your daily rutine! Go out with friends, lose hours in the park, go have an adventure, even a little one. But don’t let rutine kill your vibe! And I’m not mainstream jibbery jabbery right now, it really works. It’s normal to be in a mental loop when you’re not trying to escape from it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to give advice. All I have to say is this: we are all here and we find different ways of managing it.

And a mild, mild line for some of you: try not to take others down your stress spiral. Everybody has its own problems, its not ok to drag them with you just so you feel better. True happiness comes from managing to get past problems on your own. Trust me.

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