Yesterday I wrote about stress and a few ways to manage it. Another important thing some of us need to manage right now is our study habbits. Here is a list of things that may ease your pain struggle College life.

When it comes to reading it is important to know that there is a process that can help you get through those thousand of pages in a blink and convincing your brain to actually retain all that information. StudentSuccess has some awesome materials about this.

Taking notes is essential. Not only in College, to be frankly. It is, in a way, a forgotten art. I dread the moments when I have to review my notes because, although I have lizible and quite cool handwriting, I am not an ace at organizing information. Here are some fast tips and, if you want to go on a standard model, don’t be shy and use this Cornell note-taking method below:


Writing. Most of us fear the phrase „project evaluation”, „essay homework” or „academic article due”. That is because, in most Universities (at least here in Romania), we don’t have a 101 course about how to write a paper and be a boss at doing it. I personally like to start my research 2 weeks before the due date and create a giant mindmap of what I have to write and what topics should I cover. My only problem is the fact that I am generally interested in aspects that are not of common interest, so I fear I would digress so much from what I actually have to write that I’m just gonna send an infinite paper that is ungradable. Of course, these are the dwarfs that mess with my head. I actually started to be better at writing (and not only for College, what I am going to show you next helped me develop a process from bloggind as well) after reading this and this:


And of course, when it comes to actually sit down and study I recomment you use Pinterest for some inspiration. There are thousands of articles written from people’s own experiences about what works for them and I believe you can find useful tips for yourself.

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