On thursday I had my International Business Environment exam and, of course, one of the big topics reffered to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Until thursday night I had a cynical attitude when it came to this topic simply because I find most CSR campaigns are done just for the sake of doing something and don’t actually try and solve a problem. If you want to clean up your name in a matter all you have to do is fund some unpriviledged kids, hire some health trainers and so on.

Of course, you have this idea that you figure out a topic and nothing can surprise you and then comes something like Mazda’s new campaign: Mazda Happy Dogs.

Well, if the commercial didn’t touch your soul I bet the fact the Mazda DK actually built a website for these stray pups and put all of them out for adoption will.

I don’t know how you guys see it, but I, as a person that had dogs around since I were one or two, find the problem of stray or abandoned dogs a big deal. First of all it is hard to control canine population, which means that if you see a stray dog today, you will probably see a pack of them in a few weeks. Most of them suffer of malnutrition and different diseases, which means that they might become violent around people. I was never in favor of euthanasia and, in my opinion, dog shelters and giving people the posibility of adopting stray dogs is the best solution nowadays.

Beside being a really cool and cute ad, I do believe that this project will make a difference in the way people in Denmark handle this problem. I think that the dogs actually started to be adopted, but, as I am not a Danish speaking gal, I can’t tell for sure from their website.

PS: When I was in the 8th grade I actually took a stray dog home. Her name is Ursa and she looks like a little schnautzer (ok, I admit, like a punkist schnautzer). It fills my heart with joy to look into her eyes and see how she is greatful for the home she now has and for the other two canine friends she shares it with. I don’t know about how other people think, but for me, just knowing the difference between the life she could have had on the streets and the pricess like life she lives now makes me feel like I made a difference in this matter. 

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