4 important things I have to say today. Yesterday? You choose!

Forgive me readers for I have written an article in Romanian. But, to be honest, the article is about the advantages of learning a foreign language, so maybe being able to read that article would be a good incentive for you to learn Romanian. No? Yeah, I thought so.

At the time this article is being published I will probably be in the exam room, getting ready to celebrate the half-time of my finals. I am really happy that there are two persons out there that believe I can make it through this time (me and my dog) and we will probably eat some ice-cream later in the day.

But enough with the yapping around, this is not why I am here.

1. I just read on Twitter that „Ransom payments made to kidnappers are tax deductible in the U.S.” This is a really interesting topic for me so please, if you know more about this, let me know. Are there any policies regarding this? Like, if the person is not safely returned home you don’t get your money back? In theory the state will not pay for damaged goods. Don’t judge, people, these are honest study interests. Like what’s the punishment for keeping an aligator in your bathtub in Texas?

2. I have a new favourite character in the entire world. I mean, its a bit of an overstatement, as I don’t do „favorites”, but the idea is that the interrobang looks pretty mean. I don’t see its use because it looks like a P on a dot and I don’t think people will get it, but it does look like a mean, motorcycle-loving question mark.

3. I have been searching for Super Bowl 2015 commercial ads for the half time and I was pretty unimpressed with what I found until Mashable showed me BMW’s take:


People still don’t get the internet, trust me, I have times when I don’t get the internet and times when I trully wished I never meet this internet „dude”, but the commercial is actually funny. So, Alison, can you explain what internet is? Thanks!

4. Happy birthday to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lewis Caroll! I think I would be thankful for some sleep. Does anybody have some extra of that?

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