I don’t know if it’s because of the weather or the stress I accumulated over the past few weeks but I’m just gonna roll with it: I’m so white I can’t even!

Oh, snap, I always wanted to say that, don’t ask me why, and the lack of calcium in my organism helped me reach my goal. Another item scratched of my bucket-list.

No, I am not at all a fluzzy-uzzy and I do have an awesome bucket-list which I am not going to share here just yet (spoiler alert: it is really long and most of it relates to travel).

We are not here to talk about my day (it was awesome, by the way, thanks for asking). No, no, today’s legendary topic will be centered around what TV series to (re)watch.

I am not a TV fan, let’s get things straight. If I could use it as a doily holder and call it a day I would. I want the freedom of actually having control over what I watch and this is why I prefer to watch series online. You saw on my blog several movie reviews but I have yet to talk about series, so here we go:

1. Game of Thrones – shame alert: I haven’t read the books. Nor I intend to. But the series, oh, the series! If you get past the few way to explicit first episodes you will be just fine and start to fall in love with the stories. I find myself yelling „Tyrion, nooo, don’t you bastards dare kill Tyrion!” quite a lot when watching it. George R. R. Martin, if you read this, ignore it, please. Or don’t, but let him live.

2. Houdini – I am not a big fan of the History Channel because of all the non-history-related shows that are aired by them. But the docu-drama on Houdini is actually pretty mean and I can’t even about the special effects (oups, I did it again).

3. Elementary – I actually started to watch this one when I got bored of waiting for Sherlock‘s new season and I have to say it’s almost better (nothing can top Benedict Cumberbatch).

4. 12 Monkeys – fresh series for a fresh year. Only the first 2 or 3 episodes are available so far, but the conspirational theory behind it is really catchy and it clearly makes me eager to see more.

5. Cougar Town – don’t judge! We all have that unhealthy watching habbit and this is mine. But in my defense, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The title actually loses its value from the fifth or sixth episode of the show and then it just goes on as a normal comedy but with catchier charasters. I probably just watch it for Ellie, a hardcore lawyer / mom / sarcasm bomb. Add some guest appearences from almost every character in Scrubs and Chandler from FRIENDS and I think you have a pretty clear picture on how amazingly funny this is.

PS: I should tell you I really liked the first two seasons of American Horror Story and there’s definetly something good with this series. I haven’t had time to watch the last season (4), but it’s on the list.

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