So, as promised in the previous article, I am starting my line of posts designed to work as a Social Media (basic) guideline. I do encourage you to comment and tell me more about your experience with using the different platforms I am going to discuss because I do not considered myself an expert in this field, but simply a person that had a lot of contact with the ever changing online environment. 

Facebook is currently one of the big players when talking about SM. It is a platform that lets you share photos, videos, links, update your status and basically keep in touch with everyone from your network. Most of your knowledge about Facebook will come from, well…using it, but in order to make you comfortable with it, these are some of the first steps and info you should know about it:

When you Log Into Facebook, the website automatically will take you to your own profile page. This is where you can change your profile pic, cover pic and change your info. And if we talk about info, for every field you have to complete you can choose who can see what, this giving you a better control about what people can find out about me (although, if you ask me, if you want something to be kept a secret, don’t put it on Facebook, no matter the security settings you opted for.

On top of the page you have a tool-bar with a search area, Home and your profile buttons, the notification buttons and two Settings buttons. When you search something on Facebook remember that it automatically ads it to your search history, so it may make you feel like a stalker / creeper from time to time.

The Home button will automatically bring you to your Nesfeed (a continuos stream of updates from you friends activity on Facebook). For every post you can like it, share it and comment on it.

I do have to say from the beginning that Facebook (like any other network) should be use with caution. All the burns we read about online happened because people didn’t know how to use the functionalities or because they did not understood that once it’s on Facebook, everybody has a word to say about it.

Besides the fact that you can share meaningful (or not so much) content and chat with your friends, Facebook also lets you join groups of interest to you (and even create and manage groups), find out about the latest news and events or create your own. In 2007 Facebook introduced the „Facebook Marketplace”, a place where you can post free clasified ads (For Sale, Housing, Jobs, Other). Although in 2009 the ownership of the Marketplace was transfered to Oodle and the original Marketplace was shut down in 2014, the feature is still free to use for all Facebook users.

This Social Media platform is highly intuitive and one of the main engines for programmatic buying (so don’t get scared when you see the ads you see in your Newsfeed are tailored for based on your internet activity). It actually makes sure you enjoy your experience through surveys and questionnaires and tries to constantly evolve in order to keep their users happy. Of course, there are a great number of faults in the way Facebook works, I wrote about some of the things that bother me last December. Although it is not my favorite Social Media platform, I do have to appreciate the way it does its job for it users.

If you want to find out more about the beginning of this project you should watch „The Social Network„.

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