I was lucky enough to have contact with the internet at the right time. It takes time to evolve and learn the functionalities of each social media you might want to use, but the idea is that all of us make mistakes and with a little bit of background of what people before us did (or didn’t do), we would see our control over the way we interact in the virtual environment boom. 

A couple of months ago I exported my Facebook profile – that’s when I wrote the article about the reasons I am going to give up on my Facebook account, and, even though I haven’t manage to keep my promise, I still took a turn for the best and started to really manage my profile in a different way. I cannot deny the fact that, at the moment, Facebook works best for me (probably because it is the oldest platform I have been using), but at the same time there are still things I want to see change in that direction. The fact that all of my friends, my highschool and college mates and basically everyone I am interacting with find Facebook as being the best enviroment for keeping in touch makes it hard for me to let it all go. But, coming back to the export, I had the chance to see some of my first interactions with the social platform and saw the way I evolved during this past 5 years and get some meaninful insights on what I should do next and how to manage things.

This morning I read an article (which of course I forgot where it came from) about how to explain Social Media to a noobie. The past month thought us that not all that seems logical and easy to use is really like that for everybody. A kid from Constanta thought she was putting on her info and ended up creating an event of her birthday. Project X #2, you can imagine what happened next.

This introduction part seems a little to big for me and I haven’t even told you what the article is really going to be about: I am going to try and explain every social media platform I currently use so new comers can have a basic idea what suits them best and how to use them at our advantage. So, for the next few weeks, on every saturday morning I am going to post a quick „what sould you know” and „how to” guide for Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, Tumblr and posibly Ello (I haven’t yet gotten the grip on the last one).

So, we are going to hear from each other in a couple of hours, when I going to publish the first article in this category.

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