Our brains are designed to constantly question. Everything! Whether we are talking about the world around us, the persons with whom we interact or ourselves (mainly ouselves), that little engine that can between our ears will nagg us trying to find all the answers of life.

I don’t know about you, but I learned to control it. I had sleepless nights and moments when I just wanted to think about nothing (I am really jealous of you guys with your ‘nothing’ part of the brain). I got used to the fact that I cannot do that, but I learned how to draw limits. Listen, my friend, if you’re gonna go away and make yourself hurt just because you can’t stop question everything around us we’re gonna have to find a way in which you don’t affect me.

Of course that is basically impossible, but in some ways all the chaos in my mind is in a docile state right now. That doesn’t mean we don’t have constant quarells that mainly revolve around one aspect „Where to?

Being in your twenties is all fun and games, but it is also the moment in your life when you can actually do something to change your future and set yourself on the right track. We hear all those stories about leaders and entrepreneurs that made it without higher education and we dream of a world where we can just snap our fingers and have everybody at our toes. We forget one thing (all of us): we are not them.

I am perfectly aware of the fact that if I don’t fight for myself…no one will. Not ever. It is in my power and it is my duty to take care of myself.

So where to? Go read another book, go see another movie, go get a new experience. Simply taking a walk might help you find the answer to this question. I am always ready for a new race to a new finish line that I know will bring me closer to the grand finale (I am not quite sure what my grand finale is right now, because I have too many ideas about what I want to do in life).

But I do know something for sure: if I don’t make sure I am strong and evolved enough person, the question „where to?” is futile. Because you are going to hit a dead end, eventualy, if you’re not getting ready for everything that may come your way.

Got a chance? Take it and don’t complain. It’s just another brick in the skyscraper you are supposed to build.

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