The natural path

There are people that make a place beautiful and worth staying. That’s how I explain the fact that, everytime I get home, I get that sense of belonging and of pure happiness. Like Sheldon has when he sits in his spot. 

My dog, THE dog, was always a dreamer. At first I thought it was awkward seeing him smell all the flowers in the garden each and every morning, admiring the sunset or dancing and singing with us. You know, those are not really dog-ish things to do. So he made the next big step:


He lives in a house with two bloggers passionate about everything that has to do with people. He takes part in all of our conversation and sometimes we have the feeling he knows more that he tells. He’s a quite intellectual Boxer with a heart of gold. Who now tells stories on his own blog: DiodaThinks. He has an amazing, adventurous life, full of important lessons that need not be forgotten. Because, in the end, unlike us, he has yet to forget all the important things nature let us to discover.

In a way, he just followed the natural path. Sure hope I can do that, too.

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