A genius between the lines

Natalie Portman said that she hates studying. I do, too. And, to continue, it seems as we both like learning. Look at me, quoting from an actress.

A few days ago I read that efficiency during your finals is the number of pages you have read over the number of movies / TV series you saw. Let’s get something straight: I am all for procrastination. Quite of an expert of some sort, I suppose I can say that about me. But that does not mean that I don’t make sure I procrastinate in a positive way. Call me the efficient time whisperer, if you want.

I saw two mindblowing movies in the past two weeks: The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game.

Problem 1: I have to rewatch them as my focus was on the amazing acting abilities of the leads of the two movies and not on the stories.

Not-so-much-of-a Problem 2: Why don’t we have more movies like these? The adventure is there, the stories are there, the actors are there. We like overspending on movies that don’t teach us anything just for the special effects. If you can’t make it good…make it 3D? Wasn’t that a say a couple of years ago?

On a totally unrelated topic, I think I am going to go from modern movies to old ones, for a while. Just to cleanse my eyes. Like you could do by following my „Eye-Cleansing Monday” regular blog post.

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