Last week I started of series of Social Media 101, promising you one article per week about the basic things you can do on different platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. This week we are going to talk about Twitter, a micro-blogging platform that gets you connected to the rest of the world.

The first thing you need to know about Twitter is the fact that it allows you to follow a great number of people and also to be followed by them. This means that their Tweets will appear in your Tweet-feed, where you can like, re-tweet or respond to them. It is, basically, a world-wide chat room where you can discuss every subject you may think of.

One rule: everything you post must be under 140 characters. Do you remember 7-8 years ago when our texts where supposed to respect that rules. Well, imagine that every interaction on Twitter should have the average lenght of one text. And this is, by all means, my favourite part. I grew up loving to write and read and the NGOs I have worked with made me a ready-to-go public speaker. Surrounded by people of many words, I discovered the love for the few of them that actually mattered. Twitter, in my opinion, is the final test for every writer: if you can convince people you are worth their time in less that 3 sentences, you have my respect. If you can convince people that your blog is worth reading in less that 140 characters, then you are doing a hell of a job. 

I went off-topic for a little bit, but let’s just zapp through the things you can do on Twitter:

  • you can share your thoughts, funny stories or insights from your fields of interest;
  • you can post and share links to content you liked;
  • you can share photos and images;
  • scroll through your Tweet-feed and like, re-tweet or comment on content that caught your eye;
  • connect with people with similar interests.

An important aspect is that this is a highly responsive social media platform, which means that, once your tweets are out there, the speed at which they travel is amazing. So be careful and, if you are using it as a professional make sure the information you share is relevant, worth-while and….true.

I cannot tell you the secret of having success on Twitter because for me everything is based on instinct. But one thing is for sure: daily activity is needed.

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