I was (and am) a kid that looked around and found ways to create. The worst part is that I always end up giving up on things I start just because I get bored.

Highschool meant a really long pause for me in that direction. When I was a junior I started drawing again. Of course, I was kind of stiff and didn’t figure out how to work with myself to improve, but I managed to do these things before I once again stopped just because I didn’t feel like moving forward:


A year later I got into tribal designs and later on on doodlining:


Yes, I did had a thing for eyes and I still do, but when you have eyes half the size of your face, poison blue (don’t ask), you tend to start obsessing over things like that.

After this came my notebook fling, when I couldn’t stop drawing all over my agendas, journals and notebooks. And of course I was a horder of bathroom quotes, but that does not count as being artsy. (but that „Life is hard and then you die” written in a public bathroom was priceless, it really was).

Apparently I started writing and know I realized I forgot what got me starting in the first place. Oh, yes, I found another love of my life!

My handwriting is somewhat cool and you can actually understand it, but I always wanted to make words take the beautiful form they try and paint. So, my new artistic interest in calligraphy. I watched some videos on YouTube and read some blogs about it and now I can’t start practicing. Hopefully I can still hold a pen after all these years writing with a ball-pen. Here’s a sample of how I usually write, ignore the last part and the heart, please:


And yes, I joke, I will not procrastinate through calligraphy, mom chill!

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