I like to read a lot before chosing a new series to obsess over. I don’t like wasting time just to bash a series from its pilot: I am in for the long run. 

This week I had a (well-deserved) holiday and of course I sunk in movies and books. I am not proud to say that I just now started reading Game of Thrones, buuuuut, in my defense, I do need to finish Thomas Piketty’s „Capital in the 21st century” before I get lost in yet another fantasy world.

So, as I was saying, I tend to research the hell out of the series I decide to watch and „The Affair” suffered no different treatment. I know, I know, it was Golden Globe’s Best Television Drama and it also brought and award to Ruth Wilson, but I had to be sure.


It’s definetly a „To watch” for everybody, the story is quite mundane and it’s easy to see how things like the ones in the first season can happen in real life. There is no shortage of twists and twirls of the story and the characters are really well structured, all with backstories that help us get a better taste of the action that takes place. And it is not at all your usual leisure series that just helps you relax after a long day. But for that we have „The Big Bang Theory”.

Have you watched it? If yes, what’s your take on it? If you haven’t watch it yet consider it a easy homework.

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