If we’re all gathered here for a cup of coffee and a light reading (in my case writing), I figured it’s time to have a more deep conversation about how we view things related to education.

If you don’t know, I am currently in my second year studying International Business Relations in Bucharest. To make things more fun I decided to have all my courses in English. This is why I write in English: when 75% of a day is taking place in an English speaking environment…you are going to take that home with you.

In highschool I was a bit of a paradox: a National Olympic at Physics that was in a love-hate relationship with math and spend her extra time putting together different events, from conferences to parties. I was a wonderful mess of not knowing where I am going to handle and please explain how would a normal person mix the following passions:

  • architecture & design
  • cryptology
  • technology
  • newtonian physics

Yeah, well, when your head is spread in a thousand different direction and you want to end up doing EVERYTHING…it usually does not end well. Despite that I managed to keep an eye out for possibilities and once the idea struck me…it stayed with me!

I am studying in a country where everything is broken out in small pieces and the problem is that school does not teach us how get to the final version of the puzzle. It is up to us to find a way to mend the broken pieces and glue them all together in a form that can actually help us do our magic. And when you figure out that your pieces are not from the same painting…what do you do?

I remember when I was little I loved playing with Lego. I had these big colorful blocks and just constructed things with blocks that aren’t supposed to go together. So I take what I have learned from that (I should write a book called „How I Build Strategies Based on my Todler-Age Experiences” – yep, that’s an idea worth pursuing) and applied it in what in this.

So yeah, give me incentives and I will learn anything. And then take the theory, mix it with my past experiences and find a way to make things work. I might not be the usual thinker and my solutions might not be the best, but that will drive me in a continouos state of learning. Anyway, what else could my brain do so it doesn’t get bored and procrastinate away?

Un gând despre „Want some glue with that?

  1. Your cousins Victor and Miruna are very much enjoying ownership of your Lego bricks at the moment and are grateful you haven’t thrown them away. Same for the wooden train tracks and trains 😛 Hopefully it will help them become creative persons too 🙂

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