We are three weeks into our Social Media camping trip and, if you missed my articles on Facebook and Twitter you can…well, I left you the links at the end of the article just in case. 

If these past posts have been about full package social media and micro-blogging, today we are going to talk about one of the best pic-sharing environment that currently exists: yes, that is right, Instagram is under our radar in the following minutes.

I actually had my Instagram account done when I turned seventeen and wasn’t really impresed. So I forgot about it for two years or so, until I rediscovered it along side its amazing functionalities.

The idea is that the app let’s you take instantaneous photos or upload your pick from your Gallery, play with the settings of the photo and post it online so your followers can see and like it. You can tagg friends, comment on other pictures or simply zapp through photos that fit your interest. You can choose who can see your profile and who can’t and below you have a series of preset filters that the app will have for you:

If I forgot to say from the beginning, forgive me, Instagram, although having a desktop version, allows you to upload pictures only from mobile devices at the moment. Actually, the only functionalities you still have on a Mac or PC is updating your profile info and looking through your friends’ feed and like and comment on the photos you see.

Another important thing about Instagram is that it is one of the Social Media that really goes with the trends. Hashtags are really useful when you want to see photos from all over the world in a specific topic, for example.

For a year or so Instagram has given its users the possibility of sharing short videos on their profiles.

Quick add: The standard dimension for a Insta-Ready picture is 612px/612px, which basically means you will have to crop your photos to that dimension using the built-in croping section of Instagram. If you don’t want to use important features of your photo you can use this cool app (I know it’s available for Android Phones) called SquareInstaPic. It will get your photo in a frame that will help you fit the Instagram standards without cropping it and without changing its proportions.

Here is an example of what SqareInstaPic does to your photos. I don’t have the original picture to show to you, but this is how I managed to get this sunset fit in a frame.




As promised, the last two articles in this topic:

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