Remember what you chose to forget

It is a time of both joy and grief as the Orthodox celebrate Easter this Sunday. It is a time when faith, more than anything else, should be center stage.

We found a way to lose our roots. In a world where we complain about trees being cut down and nature not standing a chance, the human soul is the first to fall. And we fall, little by little, broken to the bone and not remembering who we are. Because in these days of high hope, when we should know that life, not death, conquers all, we stand faithless, simple players of an old track we no longer understand.

Earth was built on stories, legends and myths. We are made of blurred lines of imagination that brought us here, to this place, in this time. But on the way we lost track of our nature and now try to make things work when we don’t understand what these things really are.

I work in a field that makes you value people. You have to know how to skim through everyone around you, to profile them and set them in boxes that are not “one size fits all”. But all of us, no exception, fit in the “forget how to appreciate” box.

Stop meditating, stop pursuing. What you call inner peace is in fact the denial of all that around us. Take the world step by step, brick by brick and learn to love and accept that it is what made us. The world around us constructed us in such a way we can survive and thrive in it. But we forgot. And we no longer want to remember our history and our stories, to scared that they might tell us we are wrong for not enjoying the right side of life. Only after all these are attained we can go further and grow in a better self. Until then…learn how to live as a mere human.

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