„Be the change you want to see in your blogging feed…” yabba-dabba, don’t Mahatma me. I’m a lazy writer and I need tons of ideas and motivation to start putting things on paper. Do you see how subtle I was in bringing the subject of today into focus? Eh, eh, motivation, guys!

Let’s start off with a question: what motivates you? And if your answer is TEDTalks, visual quotes or pep talks, I’m gonna stop you right there and send you to a little time out for about half a minute. Now that we eliminated that answer from the grid let’s talk about what, from my perspective, is the real motivation.

Nothing that you’re going to stick to comes from outside the little oval / round / square box called your head. We have all those things in us, but we just need time and experience to understand how to unlock them. And if we try to take the short road and just live other people lives to get to our desired destination…we might just figure out we missed the whole point and our way was all the way back in the opposite direction.

Ideas and paths are not something that come in easy. They do not knock on our doors, like Jehova Witnesses, begging for a moment of our time so that they can explain what we should do. Life is not something that is thrown at you, but something you should jump right in. Head first, fingers crossed so you don’t hit a concrete wall. Life is the sum of our choices and where we end up depends on us. So sorry, Tony Robins, but I am not going to become a better person for being part of your audience. I am going to become a better person because I learnt things down the road that make me that. Things that make me stronger, braver, smarter. Things that built me and help me protect myself. Things that, in the end, if glue and a little patience are added, will form a better version of myself.

I am that every day. And even if I’m not, I like to tell myself that, just to boost my moral and my motivation meter just a notch.

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