As an expat, you get kind of in the middle of being a local and being a tourist: you have the advantages and disadvantages of both, to be honest. So yeah, the city center is crowded with people hungry to see everything Prague has to offer, but you can’t really complain as you are there for exactly the same reason.

Tomorrow I turn 3. 3 months in my Prague adventure, 3 months discovering a new city and a new culture. Of course, by this time, I already started to have likes and dislikes, learned about how I can get my way through the busy city and made myself some easy tricks in order to make my daily life a little bit easier.

If your time resources are rather scarce, here are some things you cannot miss when you’re in one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals:

1. Charles Bridge – I’ll let Wikipedia tell you a little more about the history behind everything I am going to mention in this article, as I want to focus more on what’s the feeling you get while roaming around the city. First of all, if you want to see Charles Bridge, try to make some time during the work week to do that. In the weekend there are so many people in that area that is mostly impossible to enjoy the scenery.

The bridge is filled with artists, be they sketchers or jewelry makers and it’s just an oh-so-vivid place where you can get a glimpse of the energy that Prague has within it. Make sure you go in the area around the bridge as well, as they serve trdelnik (see below) and find some other nice things, such as this love-lock fence. Well, I’m not judgy but, apparently, somebody found a two wheels beauty to share the most beautiful moments in life with.

2. Grab yourself a Trdelnik – if you’re an Eastern European, you kind of already know the more down to earth version of Trdelnik, which is Kurtosh. Which gets ten times better with a hint of Nutella and cream. So if you’re a foodie and enjoy a good street desert, you find Trdelnik sold everywhere in the city center. Bonus: near Charles Bridge, there’s a small place that actually sprinkles crushed M&M’s on top 🙂

Source: Pinterest


3. John Lennon memorial wall – here again I have to advise you to go see the wall during the working week, as otherwise you will find yourself not really being able to see everything my the mass of tourists in front of it. If you are a fan of hippie meets modern urban art, you will surely love to take a look at this piece of art.

Source: Pinterest


4. Climb to Prague’s „Eiffel Tower” – this one is actually called Petrin Lookout tower and it has some interesting
stories behind it (references here: and it resembles a mini-Eiffel Tower that looks over the whole city. While I have to admit I did not end up climbing it and admiring the view, as I try to play it safe with my vertigo, the place is quiet and nice and I found myself a nice spot where I was able to stop and stare, sketch and scribble a few thoughts.


5. Eat Goulash soup – while I am not sure that this is traditional Czech cuisine, goulash soup fastly became one of my guilty pleasures while enjoying a day out in the city. It is served in a bread bowl which makes the eating experience even more authentic. Unfortunately, I am not a person who was the patience to take a photo before eating and I cannot find a good one on Pinterest to share it with you, but believe me (and I am a soup connoisseur), it is more than worth a try.

Of course, there are many other things you can enjoy in Prague. Personally, one of my favourite moments is when I am waiting for the bus at Namesti Miru (I kid you not), because that’s one of the places where I actually met a lot of interesting people (unfortunately, I do not think you want to hear the story of a talk I had with a coroner, after 10 PM, while waiting for the bus). 

And like any place out there, Prague is just filled with things ready for you to discover them. Just a walk around the city streets and you will find yourself having a great afternoon and getting an eye-cleanse after a busy week.


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