Oh, the joy of writing. I started to forget about it.

Being half bored tonight I decided to check up on my blog statistics. Expecting to see…nothing. Since I am not such an active blogger and just remember about my writing passion when the fridge is empty, I expected to see some normal digits.

But I was terribly wrong (in a terribly good way): I get on average more than 300 views per week. From one article. For every 10 reads my blog gets (including home page), 9 are on what specific article. Which means:

  1. I did a really good job on my Some resources for finals piece &
  2. I did a really crappy job on all the others.

So of course, as a passionate marketer, I tried getting to the bottom of it. And here is my in depth analysis of how I got it right once and how I did not learn from that at the right time:

Title: optimized. I am not sure from which point of view, but it is easy to read and understand and is a good pitch for the avid information seeker;

Body: I used important words such as study, college, tips, make your life easy in 5 easy steps and never remember the pain and things like that. Leaving the joke aside, a clear vocabulary and phrasing make the text easy to read and using the right words make it easy to be found. Check, check, check all the boxes.

Photo: Generic image going that again communicates in the direction of the topic covered;

To be honest, I am kind of making fun of the situation because I did nothing on purpose. So from this point of view, I did not intend to publish an article that, 2 years after being posted, would still bring me a steady pool of readers. Not at all. It was an honest mistake.

I think the most important learning of them all is how to choose your audience. That was the only thing I did on purpose. I use Pinterest for some of the articles on my blog. Again, choosing it was a done by mistake, just because I liked the content there. Which is actually a funny story, considering the fact that my 3 step way to making Pinterest work in your interest is making sure people like what other things you are sharing on the platform.

So, being a sharer and carer, this is the three steps process I had in order to make Pinterest work for me:

  1. Create lifestyle boards – be it home decorations, DYI, make-up trick, make sure to save all the pins you love in one space on your account. The more pinned is a post, the more traffic it will attract. And, if the content you are saving is of quality, there is a good chance that people will start looking through your other boards as well;
  2. Create a special board for your blog – make sure to share every article you post there as well. Of course, it is important to have a good cover image in each blog post and to make sure that your title sells your writing. Pinterest is a highly visual platform, which means that you don’t have the chance to impress with your writing skills to much before landing a view. You need to start thinking about other types of content that you can generate through your blog (eg. photography, infographics) that will make people say: „Okay, you have my attention, now I want to dedicate 5 minutes from my time to see what you have to say!”
  3. Make sure to keep everything updated – both your general boards and your blog boards. The fresher the content you are saving or creating, the more traffic you are attracting to your Pinterest account so the many more chances of getting your work read.

I am a big fan of organic growth. I think it’s the healthiest and most sustainable way to get your work through. And if there is a place that can help you do that, with a tiny bit of work from your part, Pinterest is the way to go. 10/10 with little stars with their corners dotted with glitter. I wonder if there’s a DYI on this there? 

And, PS: If you need a cool graphic tool to work with, Canva is user-friendly and has a lot of ready-to-use materials that you can start with.

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