This poor website has been through so much – probably trying to follow on my steps. But throughout the years, it got tens of name changes, theme changes, moments where I deleted everything I had and started over. And more than anything, my website learned what it means to be left behind, forgotten for some time and just taken out of its box for the sake of memories.

It’s been difficult to write for a while. I think because everytime I sat down and started typing, I realized I had too much to say, but not enough to share. Sometimes we need to spend some time with ourselves to sort through a lot of thoughts, and only then put something out for the world to read. For me, that was some years of thinking I’m in a writers block, when actually I was in a self block that I had to take by the horns and deal with, finally.

I hope I’m ready to be back, with a more steady flow of gibberish to put out there. If not, dear Lord, I tried again and see you all in a couple of years when I’ll remember about this website and give it another good cleaning and a shot.

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