I do believe this is all we are asking for. I traveled quite a lot as a teen and had the chance to see some amazing places, with which I fell in love and never stopped dreaming of them ever since.

I am not going to go all the way in a second grade composition (My favourite place on Earth is […] because […]), stay calm.

I loved Kiev and there is where I learned that history, no matter how close to our days it is, deserves to be cheerished and kept alive. Learn from the past and improve the future, that was the only thing I was able to think about while seeing the tents from the Orange Revolution.

I loved Cordoba with its mix of culture and art. You cannot remain untouched from a place where every street is filled with flowers, where the distance between „here” and „there” becomes nothing when getting lost in the heart of a breathing city.

I loved Paris with its fast and yet so slow flow, with all the beautiful people that made the Seine be alive.

I loved Prague more than anything, with its imense buildings. It was there where I saw nature and human collide in a beatiful friendship, with live wolves calmly taking their owners for a walk in the city center.

I loved Malaga with its supreme ease on everything, a town in which the ocean makes people blissful.

I loved each and every one of the places I’ve been to and the memories are still way to alive in me to let them go. Above all, I loved Vilnisce, a small fishing village in the south of Croatia, where I saw how peaceful adrenaline can really be.

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