The World is made out of lines: thin or thick, they guide our steps. Being so many of them, we tend to cross them every time and, of course, as anything in life, we have the good and the bad of all these.

The good lines we cross are the ones that help us grow and evolve. People call them limits to surpass and, even though we say that the sky is the limit, usually our footsteps are the ones that keep us in a box. The beauty of this type of lines is that if you overcross them, you find yourself in a position where everything you ever knew falls under a different light than before. You get a fresh perspective that will guide your steps on and on, over lines and boundaries that are have the sole purpose of making you want more, do more, become more.

But, of course, every coin has two sides and not all is fun and games. There are those lines that should never  be crossed. Unfortunately these are the thinnest lines our feet will ever fall across, so it’s usually hard to balance around them. We tend to play a hide-and-seek game with these lines, our trajectory usually snaking around them. We go over and out and under them just because we usualy can’t see them. The bad news is that for the ones around us these are the lines that stroke out the most. They can see our every move and every time we run to the other side, even for a moment, they will note and remember for life.

  • It’s ok if you don’t like to read. Just don’t turn into an ignorant.
  • It’s ok if you are an overachiever. Just don’t brush that into other people’s noses.
  • It’s ok to care about looks. Just don’t turn that into a sense of shallowness.
  • It’s ok to like adventure. Just don’t turn everyday in a life threatning experience.

We see people going over the top all the time. In their fight tot find their rightful place, they tend to forget who they are and all about those surrounding them. Other people don’t know what and when to do, so they overcompensate when they see a tinny-winny window opened.

Lines are not rules set in stone. But we should take them as guides through life. One step over the imaginary chalk lines on the ground and we might find ourselves making it or breaking it.

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