Never go too deep on the internet! I cannot stress this enough: never. While doing some research on what could I write about just to keep my brain working I ended up on a random blog post title generator.


I wrote a list of things I will never write about:

1. My divorce – who in the name of God would write about their divorce on their blog?

2. Procratination methods – writing this is procrastinating. See, I am already a teacher of life and I didn’t even try.

3. My first bus ride – why, oh why?

4. My childhood football stars – whut?!

5. Using public restrooms – WINNER!

6. Naming a child – just don’t use the first thing I see on the street rule and you will be fine.

7. Getting up in the morning – I am the last person that can give you advice on that.

8. Faking happiness – I am going to write an article on fake writing, that sounds way to deep not to be a cool topic.

9. The worst ways to die – that’s why McCann gave us Dumb Ways to Die.

10. Frequency of brushing your teeth – no words.

Conclusion: I am very thankful right now I ended up on that random thingy website so I was able to put together this cute little useless list. I do hope you enjoyed reading it. I sure laughed while writing it.

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