Instagram – 1photo=1000words?

We are three weeks into our Social Media camping trip and, if you missed my articles on Facebook and Twitter you can...well, I left you the links at the end of the article just in case.  If these past posts have been about full package social media and micro-blogging, today we are going to talk … Continuă să citești Instagram – 1photo=1000words?

Twitter – the world at your fingertips

Last week I started of series of Social Media 101, promising you one article per week about the basic things you can do on different platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. This week we are going to talk about Twitter, a micro-blogging platform that gets you connected to the rest of the world. … Continuă să citești Twitter – the world at your fingertips

A genius between the lines

Natalie Portman said that she hates studying. I do, too. And, to continue, it seems as we both like learning. Look at me, quoting from an actress. A few days ago I read that efficiency during your finals is the number of pages you have read over the number of movies / TV series you … Continuă să citești A genius between the lines